Vote for Restoring XPM/PPC Support at Coin Payments

Please help vote to get back XPM/PPC support on Coin Payments.

Apparently Coin Payments is quick to drop PPC/XPM support due to lack of participation. I know there are not many useful things you can buy on different shops still, but remember this is the first payment processor that supports altcoins. So let’s get behind the project and give it a push. If PPC and/or XPM service is restored, please spend some of your coins there to give it some volume for testing.

Voted for both. A payment processor is very important for the overall success of a coin. In the end you need a coin for paying. If you can´t pay with it, it´s pretty much worthless.

Yup,voted for both, everyone do your part please

I was too late for voting, thread on bitcointalk is closed. They decided to add PPC and XPM, enjoy.

Sweet nice work people :slight_smile:

where can i post the official Coin Payments thread?

Hi pr0d1gy, nice to see you here!

Both the PPC general discussion and XPM general discussion are good place to introduce Coin Payments and supported stores. Once again congratulations to being the first multi-currency payment processor and looking forward to a flourishing economy growing around it :slight_smile: