Vircurex trading XPM

Vircurex is trading XPM, have been for a bit, but thought I’d put this out there for those looking for exchanges. I kind of like these guys because I generally don’t “cash out” my btc/nmc/xpm/etc, I trade one for the other or just hang on to them.

EDIT: Forgot to note, they support 2 factor authentication for you security buffs (woot!)

If you want to use a referral code, I’ll shamelessly plug mine (995-34722), but is not required.

+1 Vircurex doesn’t have the liquidity of mcxnow or coins-e in trading XPM/BTC but it has 2FA and a longer reputation…

I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and maybe drum up some visibility for Vircurex. I’ve made 10 coupons for 1 XPM each, first 10 to PM me get them.

You’ll, of course, need an account on Vircurex to redeem the coupons, and if you’d like to thank me back, feel free to use my referral code in the first post. Again, not at all required.

So let’s have some fun!