Very good read - "AltCoin Investment Guide" - Also mentions XPM

2 minutes read, very enlightening:

How convenient that the coin that is “most recommended” is the one that you’ve helped start up (MemoryCoin).

Also, this chart ignores Peercoin, the #3 overall coin behind Bitcoin and Litecoin by market cap, and the one that has the most long-term potential. It also recommends Quark with the ridiculous idea that the “complainers…wanted in yesterday”.

Not worth reading.

Freetrade fails to mention that in addition to being Memorycoin’s creator, CEO and lead developer, he also owns at least 250,000 coins, roughly 9% of all the coins in existence. Not an unbiased analysis, not insightful, not worth reading, IMO.

edit: Also, itsik78 is Memorycoin’s “Chief Marketing Officer,” an elected position whose occupant receives 1% of all mining rewards while in office. I guess you’re doing your job :wink:

Very dissappointing, doesn’t mention key players (like Peercoin) and strong bias towards a certain coin.

More like an ad for one specific coin

Wow this surprised me… bold move and unnecessary by freetrade and co workers… only going to upset all the other coins that feel they are different… and to not mention Peercoin really kinda shows your lack of knowledge and just desire to promote your own coin… well i guess with money brings greed… oh well time to move on to more productive grounds… lets see where this list of coins is in 1 year’s time eh :slight_smile: