Varying PPC/BTC rates

Tonight, I was going to make my first major peercoin purchase - one bitcoin’s worth. I had spent the weekend setting up a Vircurex account (I had heard good things about it on here) and doing small test purchases, etc.

However, earlier today, I looked at other exchange sites and was taken-a-back at the wide difference in exchange rates. For example, Vircurex currently changes one peercoin for 0.00928 bitcoins, compared to BTC-e, which changes one peercoin for 0.00686 bitcoins.

In other words, someone can get 145 peercoins per bitcoin at BTC-e, compared to a mere 107 at Vircurex. I was aware that exchanges would differ, but this difference is massive.

Is there any particular reason why anyone think I should proceed with Vircurex? It seems popular on this forum, but I think I would be mad not to use BTC-e. Any guidance would be appreciated

I believe you misread something somewhere. As of my post a PPC is .007 on BTC-E. The difference is definitely not that huge.

i’ve been following both site for quite some time - didnt see so huge gap like you mention before.

Regarding Yurizhai’s reply - I had the figures in my second paragraph the wrong way round. It should be 0.00686 at BTC-e and 0.00928 at Vircurex. I have now corrected this

I have double-checked the gap on the BTC-e and Vircurex sites, and it is still there. I wonder if such a wide gap is normal, or a one-off

As of now:

Buy - 0.00681 BTC
Sell - 0.0068 BTC

Buy - 0.00693357 BTC
Sell - 0.00671000 BTC

I’ve not seen 0.00928 at Virurex. Are you looking at the correct currency? XD

I have looked again at Vicurex, and it says 0.00681 - so this is good, and in line with BTC-E

My source for the original figure (0.00928) was linked from

If you go down to the PPC row (row 4, at present), and click on the price (around $5 or $6), it leads to here:

This is the source of the 0.009 price

The volume at Vircurex is not that high, so there price is more volatile as a big market buy can “eat” a great amount of the existing sell orders.

I use crypto-trade, there the volume is not very high, but the bid-ask spread is usually not too high.