Vary questions :-)

I have a very busy website. How do I insert the “Peercoin faucet” that, without violating rules and without committing crimes, enabling the visitors to my site to earn Peercoin? From all that I gain even a small percentage of Peercoin in transit? What services already ‘may exist do you recommend? I run the risk of having to pay reimbursement for failures or quotas fixed in money even if no one is’ Peercoin downloading from my site? What dangers I run? I look polite answers, thanking in advance. Good day.

Not sure if spam or English not first language.

There is an open source peercoin faucet that you could run on your website, ill see if I can dig out the link. So long as you keep it topped up your visitors can earn from your site.


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Here is the link to the Peerocin Faucet code repo

It is running on … Which could do with a top up!!