V0.7.1 Released, Introducing Updated Wallet Theme - Upgrade Deadline: March 12th

v0.7.1 Released

v0.7.1 has now been released. Changes include a retheme for the core client, which brings the visuals up to date and in alignment with Peercoin’s new branding. A few resources have also been added to the help menu, including a link to the Discord chat and a link to the updated peercoin.net.

Hard Fork Reminder: You must upgrade before the hard fork activation deadline on March 12th.


There is new universal Linux build available as well, using the AppImage distribution format.




I like the new theme. Very refreshing


Indeed, it looks great! I like how the theme is in line with the website & forums.

Nicely done! :clap::grinning:

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Can anybody help im trying to update my wallet but not 100% sure what to do as i have a balance in my old one

Just use the new binary and that’s it. A very simple process.

Instructions are on the download page. Did you see them? Just make sure you backup your wallet before you upgrade.

I missed the hard fork deadline and just upgraded today. Will that be a problem?

no, is fine

Thanks irritant.

But why does the headline here say that you must update before the hard fork activation deadline? Are there any implications if the upgrade is done after this deadline? I was running 0.64 before…

To use the network you need the latest client as of 12th of March. Simple as that.

When I am looking for Wallets for cryptocurrency I ahve one importnatn question. Is this wallet safe and secure? I have heard a lotof information about the loss of coins and data leakage. Right now I use Trezor Hardware Wallet https://cryptototem.com/trezor-wallet/. Is it good enough to use uit with peeroin. And is your wallet more secure, because for now I do not want to change my wallet.

We haven’t had any security issues that I am aware of that were not the fault of the user, ie social engineering.

Make sure to follow Trezor vulnerabilities. I follow Ledger’s reports closely.