V0.6 Soft Fork Watcher Thread - Over 90%!

Hi there,

I wanna use this thread to spread some facts about the upcoming soft fork.

First of all, I’ve made a website where you can track the current status of the soft fork: https://www.peercoinexplorer.net/forkwatch/

Soft fork means, that clients <v0.6 won’t be on another chain after the fork. v0.6 clients and the older ones will stay on the same chain.

The fork can not occur before Tue 12 Dec 03:40:00 UTC 2017. That’s hard coded into the client.

After this date, 90% of the last 1000 proof-of-stake blocks need to be “version 2”, meaning they need to come from a v0.6 client, in order to activate the soft fork.

It also means that clients <v0.6 that are mining or minting after the fork will get their blocks orphaned.

Please tell me if I missed anything and I will gladly update this main post.

Happy upgrading everyone!


It also means that clients <v0.6 that are mining or minting after the fork will get their blocks orphaned.


Finally just upgraded my wallet and am minting. Look for a jump in that number. :slightly_smiling_face:


Almost 61% now. 28% left to go!


I’ve updated and moved my wallet over to the new client. Although I’m sure that my contribution is very small indeed.


The soft fork watcher is offline until further notice.

The server was still running 0.5.4 for software compatibility reasons.
I was under the impression it would be compatible until the next hard fork.

A checkpoint related event last night around 21:00 UTC basically killed all nodes prior to v0.6, preventing them from working.

Half our block explorers and the android apps are faulty right now.

Hoping to read an announcement on that issue soon.

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I was hoping that the v0.5 nodes would still be OK and that there was no urgency to upgrade. It appears that the Android wallet is stuck on 337836. I’m super busy but I will look into resolving this problem soon, including getting the abe explorer to work again.


@hrobeers @peerchemist @Sunny_King @sigmike Are you guys aware of this issue that have killed all nodes prior to v0.6?

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Anyone that have a dump of the debug.log?

I made an issue for this here: https://github.com/peercoin/peercoin/issues/271

can you just feed your node the rpc code:
enforcecheckpoints false

That’s not implemented in 0.5.4 as far as I know.
I tried anyhow. Method not found.

Ok, we head from sunny. He issued an alert that was a little high. He canceled and sent a lower priority alert. Everything should be good now.


My server is back online again.

@MatthewLM you might need to restart your abe servers.


Hope there is a technical summary shared with the community. The checkpoints are still “training wheels” that has caused hiccups in the past and also is an attack point by competing technologies, despite the introduction of optional checkpoints in v06.

Checkpoints were a necessity in the early days when network was open to attack by Bitcoin miners, to allow for defense against maleficent actors.

Ever since they were only used to help hardfork a network or warn about imminent upgrade. Starting from v0.6 we have adopted a consensus driver approach to forks (thresholds and all that fuzz).

What happened today was merely mis-configured checkpoint message which resulted in 0.5 nodes thinking that it’s time to roll over and seek cover in face of imminent danger. That is, message priority level was issued as critical.
Now, it’s simply reduced to notification level and all is fine.


Over 90%, mission accomplished!


Congratulations everyone, this fork was soft. let’s watch these orphans go!