V.0.8.4 wallet keeps connecting to peers and the transaction can't be found ye

Hi, i have the wallet version 0.8.4 and i do not wish to install new version anymore and i want to exchange my 14 ppc so i sent to an (my) account to a microwallet but it seems the transaction can’t be completed because it keeps “connecting to peers” since 2 days ago when i opened but no connection has been established . How can i unlock this peercoin wallet to connect/sync (it says it is 14 weeks behind) to complete my transaction ? It hangs on calculating and the estimated time is Unknown.
Last time when i opened this wallet, 14 weeks ago, it was running perfect , now it is stuck on connecting forever.
Thank you.

P.S. There is an exclamation mark on wallet saying : “The displayed information may be out of date. Your wallet automatically synchronizes with the Peercoin network after a connection is established, but this process has not completed yet.”

There was a hard fork to version 0.9. I understand that you don’t want to update the wallet, but it won’t accept new blocks unless you do. If you have another client/machine that is running v0.9, you can dump the private key of the address with coins and load it into the updated wallet.

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if you can manage to export the private key, you can use a few wallets I know of to sweep that address. Not sure what the status is of https://www.coinomi.com/asset/peercoin/ but I remember it can sweep cold wallets

Thanks for replies.
I can install a separate newer version wallet on my desktop , and i still have this older wallet 0.8.4 installed, but i dont know how to dump key or migrate stuff, i did a backup of the wallet ( got a .dat file) but i don’t know if this old version .dat will be compatible with newer version of the wallet.
I can install the newer version of wallet on desktop to recover my money but how can i unstuck the pending transaction with the peercoins which are pending in the 0.8.4 wallet to be sent? My money are lost forever ?
This is the transaction ID which hangs on sending (created) bf239f0b3a755abeb673e4add27627af8cab025ec799d9bb33d2cd90b7069676
I didnt knew completing syncing its so important so i sent the peercoins, this 0.8.4 wallet already took a fee, i dont know how is this possible to create a sending transaction if the wallet is hanging on syncing/finding connections forever :frowning:
I will install the newer version of the wallet 0.9 in another folder just to recover my money or to unlock the transaction and after that i can uninstall everything but i just want my money/transaction unlocked/cancelled,whatever ,please. :frowning:
Should i install the newer wallet ?
Ho do i dump a private key and what is this private key ? i assume is that passphrase chosen by me used when i use it to decrypt wallet for minting? Because i have it written on paper.
I’m new to peercoin and i thought it would be so easy to use and the wallet i thought it could auto-update but it seems its not so easy :(. I checked for an Update menu on wallet but there is nothing.
@thehuntergames i dont know what it means sweep cold wallets :laughing: i hope with installing a new version of the wallet on desktop will be a way to unlock the transaction pending or to cancel it from the old wallet. I can’t even cancel transaction because “Abandon transaction” is grey .

to get your private key, you can use dumpprivkey [your peercoin address here] from menu-item
just google this.

Once you have your private key you can:

Thnx @thehuntergames i have finally managed to install the new wallet 0.9.0 and import the privkey.

First i asked google like you said and i found an old topic on this same forum How do you import old addresses into peerunity? so i found out that i have to use console but it wasn’t so easy because i didn’t knew i have to put the peercoin address between the " " signs otherwise it doesn’t accept the input. So i finally got a looong string key and wrote it on a notepad text file.
When i installed the new version wallet 0.9.0 it was still hanging to connecting forever so i assumed it was using old files/settings from the other wallet version.
So i (forced) uninstalled peercoin wallets with Revo Uninstaller to delete every registry key and every prefetch files left on Windows. Found 3 prefetch files on windows, and then i did a clean install of the new wallet version again, synced completely, and typed in console importprivkey “…” and it started to Rescan, and i got my money back on the wallet balance. So happy that i recovered my money, i thought everything is lost. :slightly_smiling_face:
And it says now i have 8 connections to Peercoin network so everything is ok now.

So the solving answer is like intergalactic said :

in the old wallet:
click on ‘debug window’
select the ‘console’ tab
type: dumpprivkey “peercoin address from wallet” (important to be between " ")
this will return the private key, you can copy it now to a notepad document.

Uninstall the old wallet using an uninstaller to wipe out everything related to wallet (registries,prefetch,etc) and then install the new version wallet.

in the new wallet:
click on ‘debug window’
select the ‘console’ tab
type importprivkey “yourveryveryveryverylongprivatekeystring”

wait 1-2 minutes to Rescan.

Now that i have recovered my money back i think i will keep the wallet installed and the PPC at least for a while. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit : i wonder if dumprivkey “peercoin wallet address” can’t be used by anyone once they have your address to get privkeys,to steal your money ? Can be this a security major weakness ? Or its working only on the specific wallet to get a privkey with just a PPC address and not for the others too ?


You know the old saying:

“Not your keys, not your money.”

Now you have learned what exactly does it mean, your keys (dumpprivkey = dump private key) are your coins.

Of course, you should never share the privatekey with a stranger and you should encrypt the wallet.dat and have backup of it. Do not share the wallet.dat with anyone either, that’s where the coins are stored.

dumprivkeys only work locally on the wallet.dat file you know password to.

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Hi, thank you for your reply @peerchemist . I will never share sensitive data such as private keys or passwords.
I already set a passphrase to encrypt the new wallet only thing left to do is to backup the wallet just in case.
What i did also on new wallet 0.9.0 ,i just sent the PPC coins to an address (to a microwallet account from expresscrypto.io) to send it back to my wallet as 1 transaction, because my coins was gathered in wallet over time in 3 transactions and on minting chance it was like 0.0005 - 0.0007% chance for each transaction :unamused: (even with a year old or so) so i thought if i have all the coins in 1 transaction the chances will be better for minting when the time comes (+90 days).
What i can’t understand is why the peercoin minting calculator says around 45.52% for my total amount when i had only 0.005% chance per transaction ( 3 transactions incomes in my wallet) even after 1 year or so . This percent of 45.52 divided to 3 transactions shouldn’t be 15% per transaction, i guess ? Well, the amount in these transactions was not equal.
Its not fair that the chances for minting aren’t good enough per transaction when i have more transactions (small incomes) and to bad its not calculated by the total amount in the wallet after 90 days.
So even if i lose some coins on fees i will send back to wallet the total amount to get it in 1 transaction income, and wait for minting.
It seems like peercoin minting was designed to force people to get lot of money in only 1 transaction ?
I earn ppc or i get paid in ppc but in very small amounts , lets say from creating online banners, do i have to keep sending around back and forth to get total amount back in wallet in 1 bigger transaction everytime like this tx ba8becc9aa94421cbe50b7e4c501f95cebe00fc7267b3a9d5fa04424e10dca26 ?

Im glad that the finding this privkey is working only on personal computer and cant be found by anyone else who knows a simplle peercoin wallet address. First time i was scared lol ,i thought how is it possible to find a sensitive data with just one wallet address :sweat_smile:

it s math. The yourveryveryveryverylongprivatekeystring is just a very big number from which another number can be derived. Which is used to formulate the peercoin address. It goes one way very easily, but the other way around, to calculate from an address to the yourveryveryveryverylongprivatekeystring is impossible.
The wallet.dat file just stores these keys(private en public) for you.
An evening spent with youtube will teach a lot how asymmetric key encryption works.

You dont need expresscrypto to package you outputs into 1, just send (all) your coins to another address of yours. Just keep that yourveryveryveryverylongprivatekeystring(s) in keepass or something like that


I have a notebook agenda and i write down on it all my passwords and logins from different websites accounts and i wrote this privkey too.
I didn’t knew this privkey is so important and helps me to recover my money so i wrote it down letter by letter :smile: right bellow the passphrase just in case i will need it , if the computer crashes or got broken for good.
I mean i didn’t knew its so well hidden, im used to wrote down on agenda, 12 words from another
crypto wallet. So this is similar to those 12 words i guess (meaning to recovering).
I don’t trust computers as a storage for sensitive data because the computers gets broken easy, and even if, lets say, i have to move to another city/country, taking a notebook agenda with me its much more easy than carrying a hard disk :grin:
I moved to expresscoin because there i was having around 1 PPC to add and there i will have another few PPC very soon in about 2 weeks so i’ll keep the coins there until i reach a rounded sum to send it back. After this, i will send as you said back and forth from/to my wallet.
As for youtube, well, english is not my native language so following someone while talks and use technical words it is a bit more difficult. But sometimes i do watch some crypto tutorials, i subscribed to 99bitcoins channel. Its frustrating sometimes to learn about cryptocurrency when english is not the main language and someone talks fast to explain. :smile:

Peace & Prosperity (No. 0339 / 1000)

airdrop wallet 0339.pdf (166.8 KB)

I can try to EILI5 as I find it fascinating myself.
Imagine the math as a weirdly shaped snooker table and a ball with fixed starting position. Your secret number X is the number of bounces that ball bounces around, the resulting position on the table after X bounces is the public number which is used voor de address.
This makes it a 1 way formula to share a public number that is yours but the keep real number a secret.

Thank you thehuntergames for the explanation. I got it, so its impossible for someone to get my privkey from a ppc wallet address.

belovachap i’m affraid i don’t understand your reply, i mean what is that pdf for. I already downloaded and installed the 0.9.0 wallet. And it has connections so everything is ok now.

@belovachap has been airdropping free coins in different threads. I’m not sure if that address still has anything on it at this point though, people have been grabbing them pretty quickly recently.

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Thank you @Nagalim for reply .Well, i tried to import that key and it says invalid key :smile: so i guess the airdrop has been claimed already. That’s ok, maybe another time i’ll have a better luck :smile: .