Useful tools when mining a cryptocurrency

Thought I’d put together a post of various tools and information that is useful in some decision making regarding mining etc feel free to add extras or make suggestions :slight_smile:

[size=10pt]Check which coin is most profitable to mine[/size]

As the market price of coins can vary greatly… as can the difficulty… see this website for knowing which is the most profitable coin to mine

[size=10pt]Which miner software to use?[/size]

There are many out there you will be pleased to know… but as always some are better than others so have a try and see which you find best for you


more to come…

Useful information specially for beginners. It would be great if someone add details for-

Best Hardware (more than one ) for SHA-256 mining
Best Hardware (more than one) for scrypt mining

A reference to stratum mining proxies could be useful for beginners too. I thought every miner supports stratum already but it seems some people still need it. I don’t own any ASIC device, so i can’t really help with that though… I know how it works but not who needs it.

About the best hardware to use, the wiki pages “Bitcoin/Litecoin mining hardware comparison” has all devices worth mentioning for sha256/scrypt with the proper cgminer versions and parameters to use.

I would highly recommend using to calculate your profitability. Best one out there.