Used bookstore accepts altcoins PrimeCoin and PeerCoin

Here is the original post on Peercointalk

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Shipping only Mailed to you inside the USA with USPS tracking

This is fantastic. what payment gateway do you use?

The idea sounds great, as I love to read but I have to agree with this first…

Unless you have a website, and a phone number, and mailing address, I would not do business with someone who runs a bookstore based solely on a forum post

Without a proper website, mailing address and any other information I wouldn’t touch this. It’s nothing personal, but a business that isn’t willing to
show anything except “give me coin I give you book”. No phone number? Anything? Sorry, I have to pass. And I hope others do as well. At least until
you are willing to release information that can be researched in some degree.

On another note… You already knew where your original thread was, why did you create another one pointing right back to it? scratches head