Upgrade old version peercoin wallet

I have a old version peercoin wallet which have 70million ppc available balance(confirmed), but after I put the wallet data to newest version peercoin wallet folder, all balance become pending balance, is there anyway these balance will become available balance?

Thanks in advance.

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It’s very likely that you will have to wait for the blockchain to download again.

Upgrading to v0.6 requires that.

I have waited blockchain downloaded, wallets says blocks are “up to date”.
But my balance remains in pending, not in available.

Did you mint recently?

Try Help -> Debug Window -> Console -> repairwallet

Which version is that? v0.6.1?

Did you mint recently?
Wallet just synced blocks automatically, I didn’t do anything else.

My wallet version:

Try Help -> Debug Window -> Console -> repairwallet




“wallet check passed” : true

try this please

Do you see the balance on a block explorer?

Where I can get a block explorer?
I just confirmed with the wallet desktop app.

this one for example https://peercoin.mintr.org/chain
If you see the balance on an explorer, the coins are there.

A wallet might show false balance if it is not sync’ed to the network. For example you can mine a lot of coins quickly if you attach a miner to a wallet unconnected to the network.

72k, not 70m. which are not even been created yet!

Yeah that got my attention.

How is going, @arbitrageur ? It’s been a while.

It’s 720k, and I still have other wallets need to be recovered.