Updated website?

Peercoin.net has been down for the past few hours … but is now up again

Unless I missed it before, it has a new menu, new text, etc. If so, congratulations to those concerned for the work that has been put in

I look forward to reading the new material over the next few days

Website took a really long time to load… does it have sufficient bandwidth et al?

There were some issues earlier today, but it’s probably best to let someone else in the know comment about the details on what happened if they wish.

There also have been multiple updates, have a look at the ticker and the mining and minting guides. Very nice in my opinion

Great update. Especially the much more structered and easier-to-access wallet download section. Mine and mint sections are also helpful. But I would suggest to not only have just one pool listed there, since there are a few more on the market right now. Additionally a click on the “forum” section should open a new tab in my opinion.