Update the list of running Primecoin pools

I guess it will be nice to remove the sticker from threads about pools which no more exist…
(candypool.net, hash.camp, beeeeer.org and lastly ypool.org)

As far as i"m aware about this, for now there remains only two running XPM pools :



It’s correct, I’m just wondering why there isn’t enough pools for XPM, also for the mining client software??

I would like to build a pool for XPM, found on github, there is the madMAx43v3r/xpmpool, I tried to follow the instructions but some thing is missing or maybe I didn’t figure out how to configure the pool settings the proper way.

the only one I managed to run is the Candypool (installed on one of my Ubuntu servers), it did work, but I didn’t have the proper CPU power to hash more than one block in one day.

If any one is capable of explaining in details (or can make a guide) for madMAx43v3r/xpmpool on github, then, I’ll be more than honored to follow the leads.

Thank you.