UPDATE: Raspberry Pi enclosure in peercoin design + new designs

Hi all,

I designed and 3d printed those Raspberry PI Zero enclosures in peercoin design for my peerbox node I’m running on my Pi Zero.

Name: Pi Zero black w/ logo

Name: Pi Zero white w/ logo and text sunken

Name: Pi Zero black w/ logo and text sunken

If you are interested in one of those enclosures, I will provide the 3d designs for $5,- in PPC per design. Just follow the instructions:

  1. Send the amount in PPC to this address: PXUQPvGiz9TaxAaM7kqxtoJdbtD8ao7Dzg
  2. Send me the transaction number and the case you like via PM.
  3. I’ll upload the 3d designs in the answer message.
  4. Post a picture of your case in this thread. This is optional, but I’d really like to ask you to share your printed case here.

I also offer to 3d print the enclosure for you. Printing of one case will be $10,- without shipping. Please send me a PM that you are interested in the 3d printing service. We need to clarify how and where to ship the enclosure.

I plan to design further enclosures with different designs and also cases for Pi Model B+/Pi2/Pi3. If you have some further ideas for designs, hardware or something else, just post it here in this thread.


PS: Before someone’s asking. Usage of the logo and offering this here is discussed with and agreed by Sentinelrv.


As I asked you to share your prints, I also want to share mine.

For those of you interested, these are the printing specs:

  • Material: black, green and white PLA

  • Layer height: 0.1 mm (100 microns)

  • Printing time (total): ~ 2h


Can we order some, where are you based?

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I’m from Vienna, Austria. Of course you can order some. How many pieces are “some”?

Updated the initial post and added two new designs.


Wow, those are nice looking!

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Thank you



Hi @peerchemist,

just want to ask whether you’re still interested in one or more of the pi zero enclosures?

not now but I will let you know soon :slight_smile:

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