UPDATE: Raspberry Pi enclosure in peercoin design + new designs


Hi all,

I designed and 3d printed those Raspberry PI Zero enclosures in peercoin design for my peerbox node I’m running on my Pi Zero.

Name: Pi Zero black w/ logo

Name: Pi Zero white w/ logo and text sunken

Name: Pi Zero black w/ logo and text sunken

If you are interested in one of those enclosures, I will provide the 3d designs for $5,- in PPC per design. Just follow the instructions:

  1. Send the amount in PPC to this address: PXUQPvGiz9TaxAaM7kqxtoJdbtD8ao7Dzg
  2. Send me the transaction number and the case you like via PM.
  3. I’ll upload the 3d designs in the answer message.
  4. Post a picture of your case in this thread. This is optional, but I’d really like to ask you to share your printed case here.

I also offer to 3d print the enclosure for you. Printing of one case will be $10,- without shipping. Please send me a PM that you are interested in the 3d printing service. We need to clarify how and where to ship the enclosure.

I plan to design further enclosures with different designs and also cases for Pi Model B+/Pi2/Pi3. If you have some further ideas for designs, hardware or something else, just post it here in this thread.


PS: Before someone’s asking. Usage of the logo and offering this here is discussed with and agreed by Sentinelrv.

How to: Peerbox Support Thread (Updated to v0.6.1)
Peercoin on Raspberry Pi

As I asked you to share your prints, I also want to share mine.

For those of you interested, these are the printing specs:

  • Material: black, green and white PLA

  • Layer height: 0.1 mm (100 microns)

  • Printing time (total): ~ 2h


Can we order some, where are you based?

3D Printing Webstore Accepting PPC Peercoin - 3D Raspberry Pi Box

I’m from Vienna, Austria. Of course you can order some. How many pieces are “some”?


Updated the initial post and added two new designs.


Wow, those are nice looking!


Thank you




Hi @peerchemist,

just want to ask whether you’re still interested in one or more of the pi zero enclosures?


not now but I will let you know soon :slight_smile: