Update official peercoin version or community version?

I updated the file containing the french translation of the Qt interface of Peercoin.

Should I send the pull request to the official repository (Sunny’s), to the ‘community version’ repository (Fuzzybear’s), or to both (or to another one I don’t know about) ?

More generally, which repository is supposed to be used for the improvements of the GUI ?

So I got a message from Jordan Lee telling me about the Peerunity repository (https://github.com/Peerunity/Peerunity).
I sent the pull request and my commit was merged.

To know more about Peerunity, see this thread: http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=2648.0

feel free to send pull requests to my repo here https://github.com/FuzzyBearBTC/ppcoin/tree/FuzzyBear

I use this for the builds at http://builds.peercointalk.org/

eventually I will be sending a pull request to sunny king for all my changes