UPDATE #53: Android, iOS and maybe more: peercoin-flutter

0.2.1 is on it’s way to the play store

  • commas are now allowed in send & receive tab
  • reconnect timer has been reduced to 5 seconds
  • app will now loop through available servers

GitHub - peercoin/peercoin_flutter: Wallet for Peercoin and Peercoin Testnet written in Flutter readme now includes a list of known limitations.


Comma is still grayed out.

0.2.2 is on it’s way to the play store

  • hotfix to fix greyed out comma

@sandakersmann I can’t reproduce this with the devices I have access to. Does this update fix your issue?

@willy The comma is still grayed out, but a black dot is now present on the keyboard. So you can consider the bug fixed :+1:

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Does this app use the same derivation path as Coinomi?

Not sure.
were doing this:

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tagged and on it’s way to the play store

  • new locales
  • custom servers
  • a lot of things!
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now with chinese locale
Thanks to @DavidDaddy!


Now with address book :slight_smile:


Reinstalling fixed my issues. Reinstallation was also a journey, saw the lack of wallets after importing seed and slight panic, but all good figuring out how to scan the seed again. I’m guessing my copy wasn’t updating properly or something. Address book looks great, however I am having trouble copying the addresses. Maybe a touch of the address puts it on your clipboard or something.

Apks and the playstore files have different signing keys, thanks to the unique way the play store works.
Thanks to that, the play store won’t override your apk version by default. That you had to start over is also kind of intended. It’s a security feature where only the app with the correct keys can access a certain part of the storage. That way rogue apps can’t take over your data.

Try sliding the addresses if you want to edit or share them. :slight_smile:


Love it, but also nonintuitive. It took me a few swipes even knowing what to do. Still, sleek and nice, very good work.

0.3.9 is now live in the play store!


  • wallet import scan: re-design and improvement of scanning process
  • allow sending to segwit addresses
  • sidebar & about: https links now working on Android 11
  • locale updates

Public testing on app store is now live.

Follow the link and get started.

As always: use caution.

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We had a major UI rework done by @lorenz10 at version 0.5.2.

Big thanks to him!
The update is on it’s way to the play store and to test flight.

Please test thoroughly!


The app has been released on Apple App Store and Google Play Store as of today.


0.6.1 introduced fiat prices.
You can enable the feed in App Settings.

Please test.


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Would be great if p2sh-segwit addresses were supported in the wallet.

if you know someone

0.6.3 is now live and has major UI changes for the setup, thanks to @lorenz10 :slight_smile: