Up and Running with Peercoin [Video Tutorials]

that is incredible… seriously thank you so much… incredible. i am watching football at the moment, but will take a look later. by the way, i used the srt subtitle format using free software called visual sub sync which is amazing (http://www.visualsubsync.org). anyway, thanks again, i will get back to you when i have a chance to try out your subs!

(by the way, youtube has a translate subs function, would be interesting to know if youtube’s portoguese translation made any sense - i’ve always wondered… )

The youtube automatic translations to portuguese are not that good, thats why i made this one. I just put the translations one per line, but i am not sure if i will have to add time to each line, etc. In the tutorial o followed it says nothing about that, maybe youtube is smart enough and syncs with the english transcript time of your video, don’t know.

Well…give it a try, if it doesn’t work i will try your software to sync, cheerz o/

unfortunately the transcript didn’t work out. youtube is smart enough to match the transcript to the audio if it is in the original language but i think the audio waves are different for portoguese so i gets mixed up. perhaps the best thing would be to have a go at translating the srt files directly (as they have the necessary time info on them). they can be opened up in a regular text editor. i tried to attach the srt file for the first video here but the upload failed. perhaps if you can access the torrent linked at the beginning of this thread, you could download the srt files that way… if not i could email them to you or something? thanks again for this… i know how long transcribing can take! but this will be really appreciated by the portoguese speakers out there i am sure. all the best…

Oukk, give me some time, i will not be able to do it this weekend but maybe during the week :slight_smile:

I’ll post the srt files here.

nice one! i look forward to it…

Hi r00tsical, give it a try again. I downloaded your .srt files and put the portuguese translations in it for the first video.

Same link of google drive, see if it works!

well that’s pretty exciting! i added it and it seems to work, check it out:

i chose ‘Portuguese (Brazil)’ rather than ‘Portoguese’ as the language but if that’s wrong let me know. if you want a credit in the description for providing the subs, then let me know. ok… incredible, thanks!

Perfect, subtitles run automatically when i watch the video…i think youtube knows by my location or browser language :slight_smile:

And it sync very nice, hope to send you the rest of the translations or try to gather more people to translate it in the portuguese forum, cheerz

thank. it is so helpfull man! :=)

glad it’s working!

no problem… thanks for the comment!

Hi r00tsical,

Just wanted to jump in here to say thank you for your great step-by-step videos. They were a great help getting things set up for me!

glad to be of use! good luck on your crypto journey…

hello, im new here. although im not new to mining in general. I looked through the videos. they are all great vids. perhaps adding video tutorials involving asic setups would be useful also. I mean someone like myself might have already setup many of the things outlined in the vids. I cam to this forum in search of asic support for ppc, i think ppc has great potential. just my two cents :slight_smile:

yes, you’re quite right, some mining videos would be a great idea. unfortunately i have not got into mining yet as my computer is so slow and old and i need it to carry out my work. i was just hoping to help complete beginners like myself as i found it tough to get going, but i take your point completely. hopefully someone will take up your suggestion… all the best

+1 to that. I am brand spanking new to mining and have no idea how to join a pool, input the config file and start mining.

A walkthrough would be ridiculously beneficial and whoever does it would certainly get alot of donations. I know I would donate.

Thanks a lot for the vids.
Very helpful to start and not feel overwhelm by the complexity of the topic.
Nicely, simply explained.
If you heard about a video explaining how to start minting on a mac, or do one, let us know!

thanks very much for the comment. although i don’t think i can do a mac one anytime soon… but i will sure let you know if i find anything…

Hi r00tsical, I would like to say thank you for your time and effert to help so many newbies like me to understanding nuts and bolts of setting up peercoins through youtube. I watch the Video ,and follow it step by step, now I stuck on one thing : after I created mint.bat file and save as bat file, I start the client and start the bat file, it should bring up the commande promp, but it only show thw notepad. I tried many times ,I am still stuck, can you give me some advice?


@dellacoin. thank you very much for your kind words. as for your problem, i am wondering if you have your file extensions hidden (assuming you are on windows). in that case you think you have called the file mint.bat but actually it is called mint.bat.txt and therefore when you open it, it opens in notepad and not the command prompt. to show your file extensions, in windows explorer there is something like folder options, and in the view tab you should deselect ‘Hide extensions for known file types’. hope that helps, if not, please come back and i’ll think again. all the best.