Unlocking wallet for minting times out after x days

I noticed the peercoin client stopped minting after some period, while i put many nines (99999999999) at the command walletpassphrase abc 999999 true

i guess there is some limit how much it will accept as maximum time period

what do you think? does this function serve any purpose, or could we just remove the timeout and change it to perpetual minting when the wallet is unlocked, so just like an on/off switch

i’m trying to think if there is a need for this function, maybe someone wants to keep it? but cannot think of one now

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  • get rid of this useless feature
  • keep it (please comment below why)

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I really wish it would stay open for minting so I could leave my rapi alone and not have to worry that it might get locked at some point. I would really rather have a binary option but that is a security risk.

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I’ve noticed it will let you put in 999999999 (1 second short of 1 billion).

You can then do peercoin-cli -getinfo and see the unix timestamp under “unlocked_until”. 1 billion seconds is something like 4 years and a couple months. My wallet is currently “unlocked” until April 2024.