Unable to unlock wallet for minting

i don’t suppose anybody can help? a Peercoin newcomer who followed my videos to help get up and running is unable to unlock their wallet for minting despite using the appropriate ppcoin.conf file and mint.bat file. they are on windows XP os. despite entering their wallet password in the command prompt the wallet does not update and continues to state: ‘Minting suspended due to locked wallet’.

here is a link to the original message:

i don’t think i have the necessary expertise to help any further… it would be great if anybody has any suggestions as to what might be going wrong… thanks very much

EDIT: added link to original message


thanks ever so much FuzzyBear. wow, I’m going to have to download that myself - didn’t know it was out. is it safe? also, just wondering, how do you clean uninstall the previous version, is it enough to just delete the folder containing the program and leave the appdata folder as is? thanks again…

My pleasure :slight_smile:

OK so these downloads are zip files that contain the Peercoin Qt executable and the necessary binaries to just be able to double click the exe and the client will open.

Regarding is this safe. Basically you should NEVER trust a binary that is NOT from the original source or a very trusted source. So I am asking you to have faith that these are safe to run, and I would hope that all the peercointalk services that I am running open source and me running this forum you would trust me not to want to steal your coins and ruin my reputation by putting a wallet stealer out there. The builds source can be seen on my branch https://github.com/FuzzyBearBTC/ppcoin/tree/FuzzyBear

Uninstalling the old client you have installed… I would say hold on one sec about that… my versions are slight extensions on sunnys source code and not his official release… if he does one then it will come with uninstall instructions… as mine is just an executable its not installing the program on your machine. Just wait till Sunny has asay on what he doing with builds etc andsource code… as 0.4 is just round the corner… well being tested i believe

Do please note that the final version is very much testing phase as I have renamed the directory in appdata where wallet db and conf are stored. and just running this client with no manual changes will cause the whole blockchain to download again and you will need to create a peercoin.conf file.


thanks… of course, personally, I trust you… but perhaps as this is not the official client we’re talking about, it’s probably not best to instruct a newcomer to go down this route at the moment. hopefully, from what you’re saying, it won’t be long until the official one is out. in the meantime, might you or anyone else have an idea as to why the current client won’t unlock for minting in this user’s case? thanks again for your help/time…

well the core code is identical in my builds as to sunnys… only asthetic changes to match the rebranding the community worked so hard on to peercoin.

my thoughts would be that the wallet is not unlocked as the user is putting the < > in around their password

or that u need to wait a few seconds for the unlock to register sometimes on old or mining computers


nice - no more ppcoin! and thanks for the tips

We’re going to have a hay day helping people rename ppcoin.conf to peercoin.conf, arent we?

will be fun for sure! i don’t really mind as i like the name peercoin and really dislike ppcoin

by the way, issue with user has been resolved there was a problem naming the ppcoin.conf file it appears

thanks again for the help