Type your prediction: how much should be PPC in 2017

That means that development is closed source? Or where can I follow changes to the code? RFCs are just discussions, new implementations, no new products.

is there any evidence that other people than Sunny King are contributing code? Because, if he quits tomorrow, who will continue the maintenance and development?


Ok, in 5 years you managed to implement a new theme for the client software. And the core dev team consists of one developer and a helper guy with an idea. I don’t want to disappoint anybody, but it seems the project is dead at the moment. But maybe with the new desktop client more developers of GUI or other stuff are attracted? Who knows … :wink:

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We’ve had 4 core updates with a new one just around the corner. We have 7 devs. We have a new tokenization protocol and a stream of other big project updates including the introduction of a DAC. But some people are never satisfied.

More core updates does not equal better software. In fact, just the opposite.


Yeah, who knows, like Peershare, Nubit(was delisted by some trade platform), disappoint.

Ok, I found your list of core devs in your other post. And what means DAC? Abbreviation for what? I couldn’t find it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DAC

Decentralized autonomous corporation.
What s your benchmark when you evaluate the state of peercoin?

That list was presented in Peercoin update #3, which I linked above. I suggest reading through the entire Peercoin updates 1-4 to catch yourself up on what’s been going on since january.

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Looking at both recent developments and PCC price trends I’d like to think that a settling of $5 is highly possible by the years end. With that said I do think that a lot more can be done to contribute to further growth and sustainability in Peercoin. For example, consider doing a Google Trends search on Peercoin to get somewhat of an impression of where the project stands in terms of outreach at the moment. Then switch over to YouTube and do a search on Peercoin and look over what appears in the search results. Now, do the same thing for the top 5 alt-coins and you’ll see a huge difference, or in other words, a great gap of opportunity needed to be filled.

If we can generate a sustained flow of not only textual but visual explanations and presentations of the coin, its uses and practicality, I’m confident we can attract more contributors and users thus raising the value well above $5.


My benchmark? My benchmark is of course Bitcoin, which updates its core software regularly and thinks about implementing new technologies that other coins have invented or at least implemented first.

Well, and then there is PIVX (an alternative to DASH which was premined) and Zcash which have nice instant payment technologies and anonymity.

What all those coins have, besides new ideas and technologies, is active development and a management of their development ideas.

Well, I have seen that Peercoin now also seems to have that with it’s RFCs.

The others have even thought of incentives for their developers by promising and allocating them shares of the currency.

Peercoin was dead. Long time. But I acknowledge that the Peercoin community has recently updated their websites etc. Maybe Peercoin is waking up and rising from the (believed) dead.

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True, Peercoin was dead.

But since early 2016 it is back with innovation and updates.


Now, do the same thing for the top 5 alt-coins and you’ll see a huge difference, or in other words, a great gap of opportunity needed to be filled.

Yes, this is very known, and well agreed upon. Thanks for stating it though… it is the elephant in the room. This is why Peercoin isn’t doing better. It is not because of our tech. It’s because of the lack of “continual” marketing.

Those top 5 alt-coins how many of them had pre-mines, or unfair launches?

How are they funding this work? How are people getting rewarded for this work?

This can be the single most mitigating factor in why real coins (like Peercoin) with fair launches, and that are truly decentralized are marketed differently than other coins with a pre-mine for development, ICOs and the rest of it.


PPC will be strong again:slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the price of PPC is still too much dependent on BTC, and the recent price growth from 0.205$ to 2.62$ is not a mass ppc adoption but rather a pump… If the BTC price starts to fall down to 1500$ or even 1000$ we may see 0.5$ per PPC or even lower. At PPC/BTC chart (1week interval) we are still not that far from the minimum 0.00023.

More than $10.


Comparing Peercoin with all the fancy new altcoins out there does not make much sense. Nearly all of the new coins are run by companies, so of course they can make faster progress than an open-source project like Peercoin, and have a huge market cap within short time after lunch. But company-run coins do also have their downsides. Development burns a lot of money which is collected via ICO or via an inflation-tax. Also, there are always conflicts of interests, and much of the development and the decisions are made behind closed doors, and not necessarilty for the benefit of the users.

I believe that during the next bear market, company-run coins will take a bigger hit than the last surviving open-source projects in crypto. There are not so many projects like Peercoin left, basically just Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and a few smaller ones like Vertcoin. And those that are still actively developped as of today, will probably still be around in 10 years.

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Well, may still be around, like Linux is still around, or like Signal Messenger and Jabber are still around. But they never got traction, never could compete with the first ones in the market/world.

I see Peercoin a little bit like Signal Messenger: It is good or even better than the competitors (Whatsapp and Telegramm etc. and Bitcoin, Dash etc.) but has no or very limited resources in terms of developers, ideas etc. That is the reason why nobody uses Signal Messenger although Edward Snowden promoted it prominently.

And by the way: Companies could also develop things and open the source, like Solaris, OpenOffice, RedHat etc. (I have no good examples, but there are many).

I recommend having a look at this:

Linux, it a thing! #GoogleNext17 pic.twitter.com/U0uG7v3AMz

— Richard Seroter (@rseroter) 10. März 2017

Ok, Linux was a very bad example. Does have a lot of developers and resources.

But a company-run coin can take more measures to try to manipulate the price upwards.