Type your prediction: how much should be PPC in 2017

$25, it’s my prediction.


Well I better start planning my retirement now then. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t, because you have too much PPC

I think the total crypto market will hit a trillion dollars by the end of the year, by virtue of which would mean PPC would increase about 20 times, so let’s say between $20-$40/ppc. Add any extraordinary event, such as PPC-related ICO, perhaps, and that amount may be higher… maybe much higher? I spoke with the gentleman who sells me BTC about PPC one time and he’s sold on it already. More evidence that PPC is an idea whose time has come.

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Thinking conservatively, we’ll definitely see $2.50 high this year. If we consider new code releases plus the 5th year Peercoin Celebration going well, we’ll be above $10 a coin.

I made a joke in chat 10 ppc buy it now for $350 (indicating peercoin at $35 each)… buy it now because in 5 years you wish you had…

This joke is not far-fetched. I believe as alt chains wither away, become unscalable, PPC is not an altcoin. It’s the first (and only) real competitor to Bitcoin as far as I can see for store of wealth… A $35/ppc is not unrealistic at all…

Consider people might have joked 10 BTC, buy it now for $350 at $35/Bitcoin. People might have laughed at them back then… but now… no one would… at all.

Consider this one single fact. Peercoin’s open source code was forked many hundreds of times to give birth to other coins… our coin source is stable. We’ve proven it. Our 2012 chain (5 years old) is still running…

A great accomplishment when we were the first and only coin (thanks to Sunny King’s design) to remove PoW (proof-of-work) as a security mechanism and show that PoS (proof-of-stake) can actually work…


I think 10 USD is possible if Btc goes up way more. But I really think it all comes down to marketing. I also just started with PPC because someone gave me 0.2 PPC and I started to look what you can do with it.


Why we have allowed promotion of scamcoins like DOGE ? Half of DOGE users are our users. I hope we will win this battle with scamcoins. For 2018 - my prediction is 10$

Why do you think DOGE is a scam? Half of DOGE users are our users? What does that mean?

I think ppc will stay under $5 as long as one person (I assume Sunny King is one person) controls the checkpointing. If the checkpointing technically would require consensus of an entire development team/foundation, then there would be more confidence in the long term future of the coin.


DOGE was released as joke not as quick currency ~ a year after WDC or FTC (quick currencies). It was annonced it russian forum a week before release. Even after release it was named “Just as joke”, not mined by serious miner when the difficulty was low. It start to be seriously only when was added to some exchange. I think they payed some BTC for this. DOGE store in blockchane many of zeroooooos not only before comma, but 8 zeros after comma. I think it will die anyway…

But we’re still using check points so I don’t think it would be accurate to say PoS has worked yet. Check points really needs to go.

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They will. The first step will be taken with the release of v0.6 and the option to opt-out of checkpoints. I would imagine the next step after that would be to remove them completely, but that’s still under discussion.


5.75 $ by 31.12.2017 :grin:

97% probability of PPC being in the range of $1 to $100 :slight_smile:

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Now it’s $2, $20 it wil definitely reach in this year.

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i think price depends on further developement and improvement of the ppc. At the moment we are stuck using code that is five years old. Bitcoin tries to improve but adopting ideas and technologies used by other coins, but ppc has no active developers. That is why I think ppc will go to $1 or a bit less in the near future.

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lol wat

Just to scratch the surface of explaining what we’re doing these days for development:

And if you need it in more easily consumable packets:

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That means that development is closed source? Or where can I follow changes to the code? RFCs are just discussions, new implementations, no new products.

is there any evidence that other people than Sunny King are contributing code? Because, if he quits tomorrow, who will continue the maintenance and development?


Ok, in 5 years you managed to implement a new theme for the client software. And the core dev team consists of one developer and a helper guy with an idea. I don’t want to disappoint anybody, but it seems the project is dead at the moment. But maybe with the new desktop client more developers of GUI or other stuff are attracted? Who knows … :wink:

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