Twitter and PPC

Hello everyone!

I’ve been reading multiple threads that request retweets, redits, etc.

I went ahead and built a Twitter page in hopes that maybe I can help to support the community.
I am not claiming to be any sort of official for Peercoin, but I wanted to try and do my part to help

I am not some social media Savvy person, I usually despise it, but the truth is in order to get exposure you need
to get information out to the people.

I am requesting that if you read this and have a Twitter account, please follow and support the new page. Retweet, get the message(s) around.

I work about 60 hours a week, but I intend to do my best to support Peercoin and it’s community as best I am able - having said that
I also could use some community help.

Links that are important to the future of Peercoin, conversations about myth versus facts, anything that helps put the information out there
and puts it in perspective - please PM links my way - I will be sure to get them to the Twitter page!

Is this a bad idea? I don’t know, but it felt right to me at the time I did this. I’m just reaching out the only way I know how at this point, if anyone objects to this method also PM me so we can discuss alternatives that I might be willing to try :slight_smile:

Lets go folks!

This is a great idea, thank you for doing that Drummel!

Don’t over tweet. Don’t under tweet either. I think this will work.

Any one in here subscribed to this twitter yet?

Nice, thanks for getting that going Drummel!

For reference, our official Peercoin Twitter channel is @PeercoinPPC and we have a little over 1500 followers at the moment. Feel free to use any of the news you find on there to pump out of your channel too. :slight_smile:

Yes, I just noticed that the official twitter channel is here:

Drummel, I still like your participation. Maybe you can talk a little about how your channel will work with it?

(By the way, I love Drummel’s first tweet)

Good idea, the greater presence Peercoin has on social media the better. I recommend posting this on to get some more followers.

ppcman - I was thinking more of a direct approach. Just focused on Peercoin. Taking our hot discussions and facts, and any threads that are current that debunk the nonsense out there. Like those hollow arguments. (IE - Proof of Stake is nothing at stake) kind of arguments.
I will NOT be using the channel to strike arguments or be a bigger mouthpiece. The sole purpose is to lay out this community bare and share
Peercoins side of the stories out there, show engaging news, let the people know that PPC is active and looking to remain a strong member of the Crypto currency community. I do not wish to flood the Twitter channel with a bunch of crap that boggles the mind - too much information too fast just scares people. I guess I want to “run” it how I feel. The important stuff, but not so overbearing that people shy from it. —that make sense?

I want to point people here. Show them topics of interest and let them decide from there. I can’t stress this point enough. I will not be making arguments at Twitter. In fact if someone decided to ‘attack’ anything I would simply point them here for a more constructive conversation.

That is the idea I had in mind, I suppose. Just like the Coinmarket post, I know we are not attacking - we are just sharing concerns. And I am glad the site owner came up in the other thread to discuss with us. It’ll help move everyone towards potential solutions. I think that is already a great first step!

river333 - I am not a reddit user. If you or anyone else would like to champion that side of it, that would be great. Handling one media site with limited time - I expect will be a small challenge already :slight_smile:

David - Thanks for the information. With all the crypto channels on Twitter I over looked the fact that Peercoin had their own! I went ahead and took a look over there and for my side I will/am attempting to keep it as slim as possible. Focusing on this forum and the community that is hard at work keeping Peercoin moving up and forward. I will not be posting current costs unless it’s something that is a hot topic over here first.
I guess saying the feed is going to be more of an extension of the community news here.

And again to anyone else, don’t be scared to PM me links to topics. If you feel it’s important, it probably is. We all have our own opinions of what is hot and what is not. My opinion alone is no where near enough - this is a community! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, I will do my best!

Drummel, both your heart and mind are in the right place. I think this will do well. You’re not competing for Peercoin’s main twitter, you’re simply acting as another complimentary channel with different postings.

I like the way you think. Not argumentative, and not too much information either. Just a way for people to subscribe by twitter to get the latest “whats up” on with links to certain threads to encourage participation.

Thank you for doing this…