Trying out peershares implementation?

I’ve been curious about this for some time. I was wondering if someone could explain it to me. Is it similar to how an IPO works on a stock exchange? Has a project been underway? I was thinking of testing it on something the community might like, such as a special kind of product, something simple just to try out the implementation. Something cheap. Anybody like nag champa, the incense? We could raise like $50 in ppc and just try out the implementation to see how it works. $50 is nothing and it would see how it (peershares) holds up. Maybe someone else has another idea, or could lead this front? I might raise say $200-300 for credit card size pvc peer coin wallets, and distribute the profit from the sales to the shareholders. How can you be sure that you will get the dividends if someone does something like this? Could this be explained? If the community is interested, I might do that. In other words on a first try I would invest half or more of the initial capital, and an admin/someone who is trustworthy would have to work me through getting the rest from shareholders. What else is cheap that could try out the implementation and that people would actually buy/ want and that the shareholders could get dividends from? I’m thinking… Bulk neutraceuticals? I’ve seen this and could start a simple peershare project fairly quickly and fairly easily if it is ready. I’m talking phenibut or picamilon or other things for your health, perhaps even vitamins or something similar. In bulk this could be done with the over all product costing less than buying alone. Suggestions/comments/explainatations to a stupid person/clueless/some other derogatory comment I might like? :stuck_out_tongue: :))

You could always try something on the testnet where you wouldn’t have to use real money. Unless your point is to do one that specifically uses real Peercoins… in that case go for it.

Yes I was looking to actually try it. It would be the first of its kind, no? Have they done this with the bitcoin (forbidden word, I know :P) equivalent. If not this would be great for peer coin. I don’t even have to be the one who tries it out, but this could look fantastic to say we were the first to actually do that. Peershares also, a principled,proactive, PROFESSIONAL Peer2Peer exchange. If it has this still would be the impetus for a peer coin/shares reality. A p2p “poor man’s” stock market. I’m excited now. ;D :smiley:

This seems much more complicated then I originally anticipated. Please forgive my forthrightness and have pity on my enthusiasm. Thank you… :slight_smile: Typical of me. I can’'t even get it to load on osx lol. ::slight_smile: