Truthcoin: A decentralized prediction market

I debated whether or not this was better categorized in the Altcoin sub-forum, or this one, but I settled on Peercoin General because I was sharing a concept that could be extended to Peercoin, if there was enough interest.

I like this concept. It is also interesting that Bytemaster from Invictus has been going back and forth about it in this thread:

Quote from the whitepaper

c) Coins do not compete with Bitcoin as a store of value.

-and- …

  1. The Truthcoin Blockchain is a Bitcoin-inspired proof of work Blockchain with different block validation rules.

So truthcoin [TRU] is a colored version of Bitcoin on it’s own Blockchain?

So if Peercoin were to adopt this, we’d simply create our own blockchain and fork this project, take out the proof-of-work and replace it with proof-of-stake?

I’m eager to see some thing like this for Peercoin for sure.

The guy behind Truthcoin is no dummy. First discussion thread on the subject that I’m aware of is here:

and a follow-on thread discussing possible cooperation with Bitshares:

From my perspective, Truthcoin and Bitshares X have significantly different implementations of prediction markets.