Trouble with POS mining

What can be the ploblem with my POS ?

Sometimes old outputs can stick. If you open up coin control (using advanced options) are those outputs actually unspent in your wallet?

I’m just going to make the assumption that it’s a Peerunity bug and that it’s an orphan. Get the transaction id then go to help>debug> and type in gettransaction txid. Most likely the category is orphan and it has 0 confirms.

Don’t worry though. To get some piece of mind about your wallet balance simply get each address associated with your wallet and confirm their balances with a block explorer such as .

Yes, after “gettransaction” I recive: category “Orphan” :frowning:

No worries. Just go ahead and cross check your wallet balance with a block explorer by adding up all of the address totals :slight_smile: