Trouble syncing PPCoin wallet


Awesome pleased I could help



Where is the menu little input supposed to be? Unfortunately I can’t find it…


This is a very old thread. Can you make a new thread and explain more about what youre trying to do?

It looks like you’re trying to get to the peercoin directory on a windows machine. You can get there by simply typing %appdata% into the address bar of the file explorer.


I use an Apple Computer and I cannot find the %appdata% folder. Do you know how it works with an Apple Computer?


These are definitely the kind of details we need to be able to help you.

/Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/Peercoin


I see this folder. And now what to do?


felix95, what is it that you are seeking to do? Have you downloaded v.0.6?


No, please read on the top. The Wallet does not synchron.


First, using your client, make a back up of your wallet (from the Menu, File, then Back up wallet)

Second, in your folder (/Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/Peercoin), do you see the file wallet.dat?




Good. Click and drag the whole of the Peercoin folder, away from its present location (/Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/) to your desktop, or some other location.

So, wallet.dat (which contains your peercoins) will be safe in the Peercoin folder, where-ever you have placed it.

There should no longer be a Peercoin folder in /Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/ - but if it retained a copy, delete it

This means all trace of Peercoin has gone from the Application folder, so you can start afresh. Go to the wallet download page ( and download v0.6. All the files and folders will be recreated, including a new (empty) wallet.dat

Delete this new wallet.dat, and put in its place your original wallet.dat (which contains your peercoins)

When you launch the client, the whole blockchain will download - it might take hours or days, so be patient - but it should be straight forward. If the syncing seems to pause at any point, just wait a while and see if it restarts of its own accord. If not, close your client and reopen it. That will get it going.

Let us know how you get on.


As I said, this is a very old thread from 3 years ago about a different version of the software. It would help a lot if you explain your issue in more depth, possibly in a thread that is relevant or new.


Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately it still doesn’t sync with the network.


any clue in debug.log?