Trekcon Info - Sent this off to Coindesk


I’m hosting a video interview with one of the organizers of Trekcon on October 31st to launch this news to the community. With Trek celebrities already confirmed, this will be one of the biggest events for alt currencies and we’re happy to be invited.

We plan on launching a small teaser on Friday November 1st and then followed by the full video next week.

Organizer Lawrence Blankenship can validate Peercoin will be the exclusive coin of the event. We look forward to talking to Lawrence on Thursday to not only discuss the event but also what role Peercoin will have in terms of promos with the celebrities and payment vehicle.

If you’re interested in covering this story, we’d love to touch base with Coindesk. When I agreed to assist the Peercoin team, my primary focus was moving the coin into the general public. I’ve included our chief architect Sunny King on this email."