Transaction Showing Complete in Explorer, not Showing in Wallet

Here is the order of actions I took to [attempt to] move multiple small transactions from my official PPC QT wallet to my Coinomi wallet for consolidation of funds:

  1. Selected 46 small transactions from my QT wallet and sent them to my Coinomi address. This occurred on the 7th of February, 2021.
  2. QT wallet shows the transaction complete.
  3. Peercoin explorer shows transaction complete with 12942 confirmations (as of 25 of April 2021).
  4. My Coinomi wallet (receiving address) does not show the transaction. It shows two transactions made in December 2020 from Coinomi to the official QT address.
  5. See point 3 above.
  6. Sent a small amount (2.2468 PPC) on the 21st of March 2021 to the Coinomi address hoping to trigger a rescan of the transactions. No luck. The transactions performed in December show up as well as the receipt of the 2.2468 PPC–but the larger transaction performed on the 7th of February does not show up.
  7. Coinomi and I work together to remedy blockchain sync. The service representative had me do various actions I had already done previously. Note: all other coins sync with their respective blocks, only PPC gets stuck in a “busy signal” of sorts.
  8. I used the PK for the Coinomi address to import the address into the official QT wallet. The import is a success however the transaction on the 7th of February still does not show up.
  9. See point 3 above.

Where do I go for a flawed transaction? I am posting here as I seem to be locked out of the ability to post on Discord.

I have the same problem with Coinomi after I sent a transaction from a bech32 address to it. I think they have to implement SegWit in their Peercoin wallet. When we release Peercoin QT v0.10.0 it would be a good time to speak to them again.

I am glad to see someone else having a similar issue. Hopefully, Coinomi and Peercoin will jointly find a solution. Until then, I know my coins are safe. Thank you for the feedback.

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