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[quote=“Nagalim, post:18, topic:3571”]We have a solution, don’t we? Adjust the fee dynamically based on a target number of transactions per block? I mentioned SK here, but it was actually JL that put together the fee poll and the earliest reference to it I can find is here:

If this was true

What would be the problem then?

The problem is as MoD and several others have shown mathematically: even with the dust limitation spamming the network is very cheap.

Let me give calculation a shot:
Filling up blocks takes 0.01 PPC/KB, and 1024 KB in a block, a block every 10 minutes. That’s 10.24 PPC/block for 100% filling. The anti-dust minimum TXO only requires that the spammer have some stake in the network, but still we’re talkng something like <100 PPC, and the anti-dust is not burnt. So, the burnt cost per day for completely DDoSing the network is:
1,474.5 PPC/day
And the blockchain bloat we would experience is:
144 MB/day

That is a lot of minter resources wasted for just 1.5 thousand PPC. This is an issue, and raising the mandatory minimum would punish all users when it is a small minority that would spam. There ought to be a better solution.

I have written up a more thorough analysis and given it to Mably. Solutions do exist.

Thank you to Mably for putting this up: