Trading creates wealth

“Peercoin is not used for trading and can be stored as gold”, May not be true.Gold has 3000 years of trading history, so the accumulated 7 billion users.The more people use peercoin, the more valuable they are

Where do users come from without trading? Without new users, there is no reserve value Because it can store value, so it can be stored value, which will become a Ponzi scheme

Where did you get that quote from? I think that is old outdated thinking from when Peercoin was still new and wasn’t properly understood yet.

Agree, no transation with ppc, no user. Your chinese need to be updated.


Being proficient in logic

感觉现在点点币的交易费设置的太高了,会阻碍用户进入。降低点点币的固定交易费可以增加用户数量,不知道你怎么看的,将目前 固定的0.01降低到0.001是不错的,0.001ppc/kb同样可以起到抵制垃圾的作用。