Trading bots available from

To order the Haasonline Trade Bot you can choose from 3 type of licenses.

We have already three different bots with cheap prices and also with the code KEN05 you get 5% discount.

Beginner -license for 0.25

The beginner license is made for people who want to try this software to
see if it works out. The license itself supports 2 trade-bots so there
is enough room to play around. The static safeties are present together
with the most basic and common trade indicators. This will give you
enough capabilities to explore the software itself. Of course once you
like it you can always upgrade to a better license and make use of the
more advanced safeties and trade indicators from the Simple or Advanced

Active trade-bots: 2

Simple -license for 0.45

The Simple Trade Bot is based on the Advanced Trade Bot of Haasonline
Software but it more limited in its capabilities. With the Simple Trade
Bot you can setup a maximum of 3 trade-bots at work for you at once. And
there is also only a select number of securities and technical
indicators available for the Simple Trade Bot. The Simple Trade Bot is
recommended for the beginners in automated trading.

Active trade-bots: 3

Advanced -licence for 0.90

The Advanced Trade Bot is the best product available in the market, you
will understand this once you own this product. You can setup an
unlimited amount of trade-bots and put them to work on any or all the
supported exchange websites. You also get access to the best trade
securities and trade indicators of Haasonline Software.

Active trade-bots: Unlimited

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