(Top Priority) We Need Help Figuring Out the Content & Marketing of Peercoin.net

For those who haven’t been paying attention, we’ve split the website development thread into 2 threads, “Visual & Appearance” and “Content & Themes.” If you check out the visual thread, you’ll see we’re getting a lot closer to an end design for the home page. We still need to change the buttons though.

The main reason why I’m posting this is because we need help in the content thread. The web designer is counting on us to come up with the content to include on the home page, what features and user types need to be displayed, what the “Why Peercoin” area will say, etc…

Everyone needs to understand that this website will be our central hub for people new to Peercoin. If it’s not displaying the right content, or the marketing is off, we’re going to have a lot of trouble communicating the ideas behind Peercoin to people. This should be a top priority matter for everyone. Now I know everyone is busy with different things (So am I). All I’m saying is to please keep an eye on it, so we can move the project in the right direction. We don’t want a half assed website, trust me. We want it to convey the most important ideas about Peercoin, which will help separate us from the competition in people’s eyes. We should get this right the first time.

So please, whenever you get a chance, please check out the content thread and let’s keep working on this until it’s done and right. :slight_smile: