Tools to make PPC better

I’m a software dev, should be ale to contribute a few hours a week to PPC. Is there any software or tools which people think would be useful to PPC? If I can build them then I will.

It would be very appreciated that you can offer an open source block data parser for peercoin just similar with the following simple one for bitcoin.

Probably a good place to start alright, will give me a good grounding in PPC spec. Is there any documentation on the specifiaction out there? Something like bitcoins would be great.

[quote=“mcgin, post:1, topic:781”]I’m a software dev, should be ale to contribute a few hours a week to PPC. Is there any software or tools which people think would be useful to PPC? If I can build them then I will.[/quote]Right now I think we just need some very basic documentation. Just how to build the client from source, and run it on a server.

I can assist with creating documentation. Do we already have, or would we like to start a Github repo to store that information?

Dark Wallet support! Please see my post here. One of the devs already is working on this, but needs some help.

I would say add it to the existing repo?

Hi, I dont know if it was what you are looking for, but I kind of ported one of the many blockchains parser (not exacty the one that you linked) to ppcoin. tell me if it is what you want

just make it and give as argument a blockchain file.

An alternative client similar to Bitcoin Armory would be ideal for long-term storage of a wallet on a USB stick.

I have recently been working on a block explorer that should work on many altcoin (PPC being my main target).

It starts to work quite well (address, block, transactions, search pages, it supports PoS blocks, wallet balance sheets (unconfirmed/confirmed), orphaned blocks, etc…).
It uses NoSQL behind the scene to make it lightweight server-side.

Missing things are:

  • Live update (will do later)
  • Templating (I currently use css/html from an existing block explorer for testing purpose, but it would be great if someone could help as I am not very good at it – and I would like it pretty!).

Not sure yet but I might turn it opensource later.

If you’re interested, I’ll try to put the website online soon so that anybody can check it.

Also I am using behind the scene so I will probably publish the fork I did (support both BTC, PPC and others).

Also, it would help me to have access to 0.8+ bitcoin merge branch (for live transactions I will need getrawtransaction RPC). Unfortunately it seems all the development happen behind the scene. Is there any reason for not publishing development branches?

I had an idea to write support for Peercoin into the Electrum wallet (and server). The code’s pretty clean and there’s actually a clear separation of blockchain-specific code from Electrum code… Unfortunately I’m not familiar with blockchain itself so it’d take me a while to get started.

I ported a blockchain parser to peercoin, it seems to work pretty well:

mcgin, vpereira, snakie - would you guys like to work together on porting Electrum client/server to Peercoin? I’m about to get started, and it would be great to have someone on board who has prior experience with blockchain (I have none).

its a nice idea, but i would avoid any big dev effort while the new ppcoin version isnt released… lets see if this week comes something new…

Well, this effort would be mostly about parsing the existing blockchain, which isn’t going to change anytime soon AFAIK :slight_smile: So I don’t expect the new PPC client release to have any impact on blockchain format (maybe I’m wrong).

The block chain is still fairly small as compared to bitcoin so personally I think an Electrum style client/server is not as pressing, but is still a good idea. There is still a lot you can do before 0.4 comes out. I believe that tools to understand the blockchain and how the network is growing are of particular importance currently. I plan to continue in this area for now but I’m all for sharing information. In my readme I’ve collected a bunch of the technical differences I’ve found between the blockchains in the Observations Peercoin vs Bitcoin section: Eventually we should put this in a protocol definition.

Made this post.

Looked down a ways.

Saw this one.

Would a parser simply use the tools also provided by the daemon (ppcoind or bitcoind) or does it read from the blockchain files directly?

Cryptocoin development is so exciting! :slight_smile: