Tomjoad (nubits community): "Peercoin has no true value proposition"[Concerning]

[quote=“seki, post:19, topic:3226”]Introduction of the blockchain and BTC could rewrite economic theory from the beginning!
This is something the world has never faced before. Lets see how it evolves.[/quote]

Bitcoin is a new invention thermodynamic machine, however old thermodynamic law still valid.

What you believe is that Bitcoin will rewrite the economics theory, but satoshi is not a economist and his contribution to economics is ZERO. The blockchain is a replacement of paper print tech, watermark tech, swift tech between banks, but has nothing to do with monetary theory.

Bitcoin’s monetary policy is amateur and stupid, any sane economist will laugh at it , and of course, the BTCer have fatal conceit, they dream they are smarter than Nobel winner/economics master.

wrong, lower prices may be a result of deflation, not deflation itself.

but there has been multiple debates online what the definition of deflation/inflation is, most of the time you can tell which school of economics they follow… whatever