Today is Peercoin day! We have an offer only for r/peercoin :)

This was posted first on Reddit:
It’s better if you read it there!

Our first sale from two days ago made us extremely optimistic:

For this month we’ll try this marketing strategy: we want to see that Peercoin is a currency and not just investment tokens. We offer two options:

  • Buy now from or and at Order Notes write “peercoin”;

  • Just use the contact form and send us a message with your email and your Reddit account and we’ll subscribe you to our “One email per month” mailing list (or send me your email by private message on Reddit).

When the Reddit thread will be 24 hours old, we’ll count the purchases. Let $np be the number of purchases. If $np is higher than the number of purchases we had until now (1), then Peercoin has beaten our record of transactions per day. For this reason we’ll make a new thread and we’ll give out $np prizes to randomly selected Reddit accounts that are subscribed to that subreddit and exist in our mailing list.

These are the prizes:

  • For each product sold on ProductMonth we’ll give out this month’s digital product to someone;

  • For each product sold on GoBelle, we’ll give out the equivalent of $20 in Peercoin.

This should be interesting an interesting experiment, whatever happens! Have fun!

P.S. Any moderator of r/peercoin with a Gmail account may request access to our analytics accounts, which have an easy to follow ecommerce dashboard.

Status update

Orders: 1
Subscribers: 0
Report: Statistically speaking, infinity more people want the products than just to subscribe.
Countdown: Twelve hours remaining!

Just purchased the neuroscience course package.
Thanks for the post!