To the mobile!

Recently Apple has changed their policy to crypto and open touch ID API to developers, it’s a good chance to develop a iPhone PPC/PPS wallet(not online one such as blockchain)? Since PPC block chain size is smaller than 180M which is an advantage over most other alt coins. I think a native wallet besides touch ID (fingerprint)secured is perfect, and will promote PPC., the open transaction commecial product is a mobile app, but i don’t know when will it available. I dream that one day people can use open transaction and ppc wallet in iPhone and android phones.

Anyway, cryptocurencies can only become popular with mobile devices, isn’t it?

I like the idea, but we need to tread carefully here… pushing a full wallet out too quickly to the wrong audience could result in some very negative blow back. For example, if people don’t understand the bandwidth needs of a wallet, they may be shocked when they see the “Peercoin app” eating so much data and battery life. Just a few early negative reviews can absolutely kill your reputation in the app market. Another example would be people losing/forgetting their password, resetting their phone user data, or accidentally deleting the app and then announcing that Peercoin a scam and that SK has stolen all of their money. I know this sounds a little too cynical, but I have seen real stupidity in app reviews and ratings.

How much bandwidth does a minting ppc wallet need everyday?
With regard to backup issue, the icloud backup and iclouddrop is of good solution.
The Touch ID/fingerprint is really attractive for me.