To create asset with the Peercoin -proposal ----------- Bitcoin addiction -----------Bitcoin addiction ----------------------No dependence Bitcoin

No matter the addiction to stock
But we’re going to get a ticket for the cinema would be a big problem.
Because we had to keep the wallet as fuel Bitcoin.
Buddha means big trouble.
One of moviegoers do not want to deal with this situation.
This applies in Peerco.
What to do?
0 PPC must create assets.
Must be 0 for assets and transaction

[member=30453]mably[/member] has a Peerassets proposal that is worth looking into. I talked to him in the chat about it, because I was looking for something like that. I really need something where something similar to shares can be issued that pays dividends. I prefer to do this within the Peercoin ecosystem, I hope the increase in price will drive more developers to Peercoin. :slight_smile: