Throttling Hash

Here’s a quick question.

We see the topic come up quite a lot about ASIC resistance… etc.

Would it not be possible to setup a system where whether you are a pool miner or a solo miner, that each node you setup is Hash rate restricted?
In other words govern the maximum Hash rate each worker has based on the market standard CPU performance or some other such value?

I can imagine that would only cause said users to create 1000’s of miners as a work around, but all these arguments always seem to be six one half dozen
the other because we have a scenario where you have folks that prefer having ASIC available, and others that are dead set against the idea.

Thoughts? Is this kind of thing even possible? Does it even create any solution?

People always want, “fair”

Look at the real money, people with it end up with more of it. People with lots of it gaining the same interest as you will always have more than you, people with it
will always be able to buy bigger and better things than you - because you don’t have as much… So why are people so pissed when they view a digital currency
and the rich guy as an unfair advantage? It boggles my mind how all of a sudden because it’s a new money, everyone should have ‘equal dibs’ or some such.

Please discuss both of these very sensitive points :slight_smile:

Hmm, seems you’ re asking a few rather vague questions, but I’ll try to provide a meaningful answer even though they are vague.

So you want that people have a limit on their power to mint coins? I guess you’ll want it to be restricted from within the protocol, so it can be enforced over everyone mining the coin.
Now, first of all, I think that if you have a cap to how many processing power a miner can use, it begins to feel more like every miner would have the same (processing) power (or at least, tend towards it), and you would have found a (probably very successful) solution to the 51% attack. However, I don’t see how this would be possible, and I don’t think it is.

I can see your issue, “People with more money will also make more money”. But hasn’t this always been true? If you invest into 10x into some investment wouldn’t you deserve more earn 10 times more? I’d say yes myself, but I think the problem is that this doesn’t always work linearly. These are probably economics problems, but if you’re going to have a cap on how much people actually can make, it would feel like socialism (excuse me if I don’t have my definitions straight) where everyone is equal and no competition is strained.

I don’t believe in “fair”, I also don’t believe in competition, I believe in thriving and freedom. It would be nice to have a form of cryptocurrency where creating new coins and securing the block chain does not involve competing for the largest investment like PoW and PoS cryptos (at least the ones I know) actually do. I’m not sure if this adds to the discussion though.