This is a 'prime' lesson as why to never bag hold

"No “active community”, no Dev updates to the core or website, no push for consumer adoption or marketing of any kind for XPM.

Sad because I’ve been into XPM since its inception…hate to see nothing new going on.

Agreed, it is sad. I too have been interested in Primecoin from day 1. It would be nice to see it active again.

I’m also dissatisfied with XPM status, no community! No development weekly report!

Still solving primes we are.

i would mine/buy this coin if it wasnt for the lack of a mac wallet :frowning:

One of my criteria of selecting an alt coin is to check whether it has a Mac wallet.
Ironically, XPM is my most favorite coin without Mac wallet. :))

If XPM fails, I’ll lose whole faith on cryptos.

i still like primecoin :slight_smile:

me too. I cherish this low price chance, buy more.

I am looking to buy 100k xpm and will hold for two years. I also hope Sunny Kind could more or less mention XPM on his weekly update.

That’s a lot of prime lol!

I’m all new to primecoin, I just discovered it and think the idea is great, as soon as my wallet caught up with the blockchain I’ll give it a try mining it. So there’s still hope I guess.


Primecoin fighting its way back in the charts:

22 Primecoin Primecoin XPM $ 1,579,445 [glow=red,2,300]$ 0.152293[/glow] 10,371,093 $ 745,644 0.98 % 141.61 % 158.72 %

19 Primecoin Primecoin XPM $ 2,299,213 [glow=red,2,300]$ 0.221626[/glow] 10,374,293 $ 1,279,430 10.16 % 245.45 % 272.94 %

3rd place in volumes, the Chinese on Jubi love Primecoin :slight_smile:
It is good that I still have some around. Sometimes it pays to baghold…

Price is up 159% in last 24 hours…good thing i didnt sellout at $0.02.

Cybnate, I guess XPM price will crash soon. The pump is definately manupilated by Chinese speculators, no other altcoins up so much, and no reason yet, the XPM community is silent for one year, no future plan, no SunnyKing’s mention. Although I am a XPM holder, I won’t be too optimistic.

There are price up-turning with altcoins all the time. What happens now is a technical correction (helped with manipulators and speculators) for overselling XPM to 0.0002 in the last year.

I disagree it doesn’t make sense to buy up over a million worth of a coin who’s market cap was around $150k… who are you going to dump these coins on?

If one was able to iniate another massive rise in BTC many altcoins would skyrocket… SKY ROCKET… Perhaps the uber strong hands of the XPMers makes us an attractive alt to want to own during the upcoming boom.

It could also all collapse and everything go to zero but the fact the housing market never stopped booming makes me believe Martin Armstrong is onto something with this sep 2015 date.

Many alt coins have had massive rallies over the past month… it is interesting.

Perhaps a pump and dump but not sure who you’d dump it on…

Or something bigger and just as sinister…