The ultimate configuration for EC2

Has anyone posted the benchmarks for the different EC2 server configuration sizes (and the margins on each configuration)? Also, Linux vs 64bit Windows etc.


I tried mining using the free, micro, and small instances on EC2 the other day.
Free I think is the same as micro.
Micro wouldn’t compile, machine was too slow. When it did, the miner would only run intermittently. I tried launching 100 instances at a time. Killed it after 2 hours. When using spot pricing this would have in theory been super profitable.

The small instance was also slow, only able to process around 200 primes/s which is half the speed of the digitalocean droplets for $1-1.50/more per month per instance.

Very interested in results here, I’m playing around with the c1.medium and c3.large Ubuntu 13.04 to try and work out if the extra cost for c3 is worth it.

I haven’t tried Windows as the spot prices were quite a bit higher and I can’t imagine performance could be that much better - would be interested in peoples results though.

I’m currently mining on the beeer pool (No Linux support on ypool) as I’ve only just got into this.

One thing I’m not yet clear on with EC2 spot instances, if I want to solo mine, how do I keep hold of the wallet files if I could loose the spot instance at any time?

Will post back with my c1 vs. c3 results …

Cheers, Nick