The Steps to Base58-encode a Peercoin Public Key

Hey guys,

I hope someone can help me with this challenge. I would like to know the process that is used for converting a
hex-130 character public key into a Peercoin address. If you can read C++, reading the source code here, will help.
Let’s use this for example,
130 Character Public Key: 04BE0611352B5C7614861E3DB085D2188D1A78465E03E65B4360699272DB5AC96B1BDB7A765A2B306CD866C856B0E124FA5BF91C82806A5A4E3DD491E6935D0960

The Peercoin Address is: PRL8bojUujzDGA6HRapzprXWFxMyhpS7Za

Note: This is a valid public key, I got this key from and I tested it with ppcoind.

for reference

I posted this question on stackoverflow, . I added more details to the question there if your interested.

Hey everyone, it looks like I solved this problem myself. The full explanation is on stackoverflow here…