"The Real Sunny King" Interview by Let's Talk Bitcoin

Let’s Talk Bitcoin just released a new interview called “The Real Sunny King.” There’s new info about Sunny and his work in there that I’ve never heard before. There’s also talk of sidechain and data application development for both Peercoin and Primecoin. Check it out…


How does Sean dare to ask questions like:

How much money would you say you've earned from crypto-currency? If you have not converted to fiat, how much would you say your stake in Peercoin is worth? In Primecoin?

Luckily, Sunny meditates and could provide a calm answer. :smiley:

Anyway, I like Sunny King’s grounded answers.

Well, reporter needs to be sharp…

very nice interview!
i liked the last answer of Sunny’s :slight_smile:

I’m actually interested to know if Sunny has any stake in PPC and/or XPM. He’s under no obligation to keep his coins, if he doesn’t want to.

Great interview! I enjoyed it a lot.

Am gonna translate this into Italian

"Does Primecoin provide value towards solving the ‘twin prime conjecture’?

SK: It provides financial incentive to these math research, if your theory advancement can provide [a] better mining algorithm for Primecoin mining."

Hmmm…interesting to think of it like this. I still don’t think there’s any scientific value in this but that’s a valid argument I suppose.