The proper PPC/BTC ratio

PPC/BTC is around 0.005 now. I was seeing it hit as high as 0.006 and as low as 0.0043 in the past week. What’s the proper value for PPC/BTC?

It’s all relative to the price of Bitcoin. Peercoin values drop exponentially as bitcoin falls and the opposite occurs when it rises. Consider it your lucky day if BTC falls to 400 because you can possible double your position from an 800 BTC. There is no proper ratio, maybe predictable… for the time being.

who knows, but some say in this thread, that ppc is more rare than btc, (because of the fixed tx fee, which is being discussed somewhere else)

[quote=“Ben, post:7, topic:984”]Certainly, it’s possible to see that PPC could be, ultimately, worth more than BTC, even if there are more (full) PPC in existence.

While this seems counter-intuitive, if all things are considered equal, you only have to look so far as how fungible the currency is.

For BTC, with the ability to move to the 8th decimal point, you have a nearly limitless number of units in circulation. With PPC, the static transaction fee is a significant hedge against anyone using the currency to conduct business past 2 decimal places. Now, for things like Proof-of-Stake rewards, being divisible down to the 8th decimal point is very important. You don’t want to lose any of those micro payments, because over time they will accumulate to be full PPC, but for all intents and purposes, Peercoin’s 2,000,000,000 (“uncapped”) potential units in circulation is vastly smaller than BTC’s 21,000,000 units, when you consider that BTC is really going to be separated into 2,099,999,999,999,999 satoshi.

That’s a HUGE number, and one that most people either don’t realize exists, or gloss over because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

With PPC, there’s realistically going to be ~30,000,000 units in circulation, and if you take it down to the “one cent”, it’s 3,000,000,000 units – which, if my math is correct tonight, will only amount to 0.1% of the total BTC supply.[/quote]

I think it is going to grow earlier in the week.


At a ratio of .005 1 Bitcoin = 200 Peercoins, or in other words Peercoin is valued at 200x less than Bitcoin. I would think that if BTC continues to go down a lot for an extended period, the ratio of PPC/BTC should increase not decrease. I mean if Bitcoin went to zero, this doesn’t mean that Peercoin would be worth 200x less than that. Trying to find the proper ratio right now I think it is half psychological & speculation and the other half coincidence. If Bitcoin crashes, then some people might temporarily ditch peercoin and buy into BTC hoping that Bitcoin will rise back up again and then they hope to be able to buy more Peercoins at a lower ratio, but this is all speculation. You should also be looking in terms of PPC/USD which may be more consistent as far as trends go, as BTC has it’s own set of volatility.

According to this chart, (tab for 3 month view) the price may be reaching a support level now:

Value is determined by demand Vs supply. 8)
PPC will attract more demand from its functionality.
PoS is gaining momentum as far as I know. A new altcoin is considering switching to pure PoS…interesting.

So just my $.03, I am now looking at crypto coins more or less like emerging crypto stocks rather then currency. I believe 24/7 trading ability will attract some seasoned stock market traders over time. Even though we are not looking for income or loss as in case of stock market companies, it can still be traded and used as a payment system so the coins can hold value. Over all I think it is only worth what people are willing to pay for it and even though we call it decentralized currency, it is very central and controlled by the dev team of each coin (Sunny in case of peercoin) so who is not to say that bitcoins devs or other coins devs decide to change the game sometime in the future and change the coin protocol or coin supply (I have already seen a coin do that on bitcointalk). In either case this is a wild west of crypto …