The Peercoin Team Joins the Blockfolio Signal Beta

The Peercoin Team is proud to join the Blockfolio Signal Beta. Here is a brief recap of what has happened since the Peercoin Foundation was started a couple months ago.

Peercoin on Blockfolio Signal
Peercoin signals are now available on the Blockfolio Signal Beta. Add Peercoin ($PPC) to stay up to date with the latest developments, exchange listings, and Peercoin related news.

Peercoin’s Sixth Birthday
On August 19th, 2012, Peercoin turned six and remains one of the most energy efficient and secure coins in the space due to its revolutionary implementation of proof-of-stake.

Opening of the Peercoin Foundation:
The Peercoin Foundation was opened in May of 2018 and was registered in the Netherlands. The Foundation allowed for legal opportunities previously unavailable including partnerships and the further advancements of the Peercoin project.

Ledger Support
While Peercoin previously had unofficial support, the Ledger Nano S now offers official support. More information can be found here:

Peercoin v0.6.4 release
Peercoin v0.6.4 was released bringing new DNS seed nodes, Multiple GUI fixes, and improved GNU/Linux desktop integration. More information can be found here:

New Paper Wallet Generator update v1.1
Updates include support for Bulk Wallet Generation, QR Code for private keys for better usage, paperwallet/print support, as well as several other features.

PeerAssets Client v0.4.5
The command line client for Peeercoin’s asset layer solution was updated as well!

StakeBox Partnership
The Peercoin team partnered with StakeBox to bring a secure Staking Box to you. Each node increases the security of Peercoin around the world.

New Exchanges

These are a just a few of the things going on with the Peercoin team! To keep up to date with the latest Peercoin news, follow us on our official platforms:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @peercoin
Discord: Peercoin - The Pioneer of Proof of Stake



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