The Peercoin Primer Part 3: Benefits

Part 3 of the Peercoin Primer video series has now been released! This episode covers the numerous benefits of proof of stake consensus over proof of work mining. Watch Part 3 now!



I like your comparaison using ASIC miner and minting process. This is the biggest struggle right now as centralization is going further.

ASIC in master room is not a good thing (my wife can tell you that, don’t ever try to put it in her dressing room too because you’ll get into troubles :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Voting part at the end should be more detailed because users doesn’t know what they can do with this vote and how to use it ? It’s a great feature but unexplained for me.

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“The network is secured by those holding coins”. If you hold coins, you are voting an accepted blocks, but also the accepted protocol, i.e. you can choose the chain to support because you hold the coin. This is different than PoW where you cannot vote on protocol or blocks by simply holding a PoW coin.