The Peercoin logo needs a face lift. Who agrees?

Go to coinmarketcap and take a look at the logo’s of the top coins. What is instantly recognizable to me is Ripple, Nxt, Counterparty, Darkcoin (to name a few).

Peercoin is NOT distinguishable at all. It looks like a random gold coin with a spec of green. If you want to compete, you need to get some sex appeal. Distinguish yourselves from the competition, I shouldn’t have to squint at the screen to determine what coin logo I’m trying to recognize.

Does anyone else agree?

Even if I like current logo, I agree with this proposal.

I’d like to see a logo that reflects this community’s spirit. Something more professional.

What I like about the current logo is the leaf.

[quote=“Thireus, post:3, topic:3242”]I’d like to see a logo that reflects this community’s spirit. Something more professional.

What I like about the current logo is the leaf.[/quote]

This is basically the formula. Unique symbol + primary color = easily distinguishable (and more modern)

I personally think it should be a green logo (derived from the environmental aspect of PPC). This would also be unique considering most crypto coin logos are either blue, red or gold/ orange.

It’s an open source project and everyone can do what ever they feel like. I say, if you have a suggestion then just go for it.

I agree that the 16x16 logo on CoinMarketCap needs to be changed, however I don’t agree with replacing the main logo itself. I have personally spent a lot of my own money and time managing these logos. All of them are based on the original Peercoin logo, Peerunity, Peershares, Peerbox, etc… We’ve created a brand that people recognize, either the P symbol or the little leaf. Changing what makes us recognizable would be similar to completely changing our name.

I think what needs to be done instead, is that we have a 16x16 icon created that is clearer, so we can update CoinMarketCap with it. In the upcoming NuBits video that is supposed to be released tomorrow, the video uses the more minimalist version of our logo…

I think this minimalist version of the logo is something we should probably use more often. There are a bunch of different versions downloadable here. Here are just a couple below. They were not made by me and look a little rough around the edges of the leaf I think, but can be cleaned up in newly made versions.

The leaf symbol itself is also part of our image and I have seen certain people on Twitter using it by itself as their avatar without the P symbol attached. If the P symbol is too large to include in a 16x16 icon, we could just use the leaf by itself.

The green one looks good.

@Sentinelrv how much did these logos cost?

Minimalistic logo is the best I have seen. These should be used more.

I think the time and money is best spent elsewhere see, the marketing fund, or this

All together I’ve spent around $2,000 on Peercoin logo and graphic design work. This was my own personal money in most cases. Each logo was also voted on by the community.

I think we should use the green minimalist logo in Coin Market Cap.

Maybe it’s the gold background that looks a bit too shinny.

I’ve created this button:

With a black background it looks better in my opinion. I also strongly agree with Pillow’s remark.

Sentinel, if you don’t mind I’ll be using the minimalist logo on my presentation:

That’s fine, although you might have too many leaves as the dots of the i’s. I would just leave one on the word Peercoin and make the other i’s regular.

I appreciate the suggestion.


I agree about the 16x16 logo (voted for #2 leaf in other thread), but I love the current one in larger sizes.

Also, yes, regular 'i’s except on Peercoin. :>

Looking forward to seeing your whole presentation, DigiX.

I agree with GawkD’s original statement about the need to have a unique icon. And, I also agree with DigiX that the green one looks good. It reflects the low-energy dynamic surrounding the PPC POS minting process.

Just popped in to say the new logo on CMC looks much better! It caught my eye immediately. Congrats community :slight_smile: