The Official Peercoin Video is Now LIVE! Please Share, Like, Retweet, etc

Hey guys, the official Peercoin video is now LIVE! :smiley:

Check it out here and use the links below to share, like and retweet the video. One other note. This YouTube channel is now the official one. It can be found at Thanks to everyone involved for making this video possible!

[size=18pt]Video Link:[/size]

[b]- Twitter: Retweet & Favorite

If you’d like to help in adding more translated subtitles, check out the instructions here.

excellent! Better than my thought!

The new Peercoin video now has an easy to remember shortcut URL…

When in discussion with others, you can use this URL to easily link people to the video. At the end of the video, I’ve also inserted an annotation which will take the viewer to our 38 minute intro to Peercoin video in case they want to learn more. The intro video has its own shortcut URL’s…