The Great Library of Peercoin

Hallo and good timezone Peercoin!

Thanks to the recent 0.5 protocol and some really creative thinking on the part of [member=32827]hrobeers[/member] (a.k.a. the Peercoin Advanced Relay Subnet[0]) and an amazingly fast response on the part of [member=31975]saeveritt[/member] (a.k.a. PeercoinWisdom[1]), I’m proud to present the first book in The Great Library of Peercoin: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll!

Inked forever in our community’s humble block chain and available to all with a copy of it :slight_smile: Quite a bargain at only about 70 cents USD.

I think it also bodes well for other projects that want to start storing larger “notes” in the chain like PeerAssets[2] by exercising this functionality a bit.

I hope to “check in” some more books to the library. There are still some restrictions on what we can get into the chain (in terms of size and conscience), but great texts from our pasts seem to fit really well :smiley:

Have fun! Let us know if you open your own library :slight_smile: We’ll be around building ours!




Posted on Reddit…

IMO I am glad this is possible with pars and yet I am sad the blockchain becomes bloated with books? why?

We should be glad that our UTXO table doesn’t get bloated, like is the case with bitcoin.
Websites like embed their metadata in P2PKH outputs that stay in the UTXO table forever and therefore bloating the node’s memory usage forever.
The byte limit discussions on bitcoin lead to people doing worse things to the chain, we should avoid this and welcome chain usage for any purpose.

Alice lives on our chain, but not in our UTXO table! It is a great thing, the txn fee is paid, so it is as good as the same amount of data in spent transactions.

Indeed, our chain is valuable because it houses things dear to our hearts that we don’t want lost (the monetary use still being the main show, no doubt, but books and assets are nice abstractions too!) and 2 fewer Peercoins exist from fee burning so everyone else is that tiny bit richer :slight_smile: