The foundation Peercoin

Non profit foundation should be established for the Peercoin…
What do we expect? (We)

Given the lack of responses I suppose there is not a lot support for this idea. I tend to agree given the governance issues.

Would still be interested to hear from you what you think such a foundation would do, what kind of governance and who would look after the funds?

Foundations have proven to be a corrupt mess. I think as has been discussed before, Peercoin should take on Nu’s governance model. The motion system has been very successful in allowing the asset holders themselves to guide development and control the network.

I would even go as far as saying that we should incorporate custodial grants, which would allow Peercoin holders to fund development, rather than relying solely on donations. It probably shouldn’t be used often though, as it’s best for new money to come into the system through predictable PoS rewards and mining.

As said not keen on foundation, just wondered what direction OP is thinking. Agree that a model where Peercoin holders could vote for motions would be great. Technically it shouldn’t be too difficult to add a bit of space to allow it to store motion hashes. The motions itself can be hosted and hashed on this forum or Daology. One of the challenges of it, as we are seeing with Nu already, is keeping track of all of it. Peercoin holders will need to follow motions proposed, which takes time and agreed motions will need to be stored and easily accessible for lookup later on. Maybe a ‘low traffic’ model with not more than 1 official motion a month to be agreed on the forum is something to explore further? But anyway, some protocol changes would need to be made first anyway as already discussed earlier.

Not sure about grants, I think Peercoin has enough funds. It could surely use more initiatives and proposals of people who are actually prepared to do some work.

put in there what u dont need tnx
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i would have to go against this, foundations tend to end up corrupt and cause more problems than the benefits they provide. Besides the concept of a foundation goes against decentralisation so it is ironic within the context of peercoin at best.

Look at the Bitcoin Foundation and learn ;D