The Crypto-Currency Convention - April 9th in NYC (We Need a Speaker for PPC)

Hey, I got this message on Facebook…

[quote=“Teddy Dupay”]Hello! Could you please get a message to Sunny?. My name is Teddy. I was hoping you could help me make contact with the creator of Peercoin. Also Primecoin if possible

We are hosting The Crypto Currency Convention in NYC on April 9th. We would like them to speak and promote Peercoin and Primecoin.

Our mission is to bring awareness and acceptance to all Crypto Currency and not just bitcoin. Education and exposure is the only way we all win.

We are expert marketers and expect 1500-2000 attendees.

This is going to be a huge success and we are excited to be a part of this[/quote]

Here is the website…

He also gave me his number and email address, but didn’t say he wanted them public, so I won’t post it. We need someone to represent us in New York. Can anyone help out with this?

I got a similar email on forum and they asked me to speak on Devcoin… i asked him to contact me in here and i might be interested in talking on peercoin… no reply though so theyy are just spamming everyone about their convention … still would be good to have representatives


As JBT showed, people are eager to talk to us. We’ve built a credible reputation in the broader crypto community as a result of Sunny’s vision, this forum, and our social media channels. I hope someone in or around NYC can help out the community :slight_smile: